Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™

Mechthild Maczewski, CAIEHP, PhD.

Alignment. Healing. Transformation.

AIEH is a gentle, biofield-based approach to health and healing.

It is a wonderful complementary treatment for any condition or when you feel “stuck” in your health and healing process. Tune in to your inner knowing.

“I am so grateful to know Mechthild. Years ago when I first met Mechthild she introduced me to a new way of dealing with stress & anxiety and through a powerful session was able to clear my heart chakra in a way I’d never experienced before … amazing!!  I would highly recommend M. to anyone going through “things” in their life to help figure out where you’re blocked and eliminate what’s preventing you from moving forward. in my opinion book a session quick. Mechthild really is a beautiful soul.” (Corina, Jan. 2023)

What is AIEH?

As practitioners we work with the clients’ subtle energy field (biofield), the energy centres (chakras) and the nervous system to support overall well-being. In its theoretical foundations, AIEH combines ancient yogic wisdom with current scientific knowledge.

Hand holding a stone heart on the beach. Symbol of life.


Clients report benefits of pain and stress relief, deep relaxation, better sleep, improved mood, shifts in perspectives, increased connection to Self, breathwork and relaxation techniques for use at home.

Individual Sessions

Each session is a wonderful opportunity to nurture yourself, your body, to heal and to grow. All AIEH sessions are gentle, holistic and empowering. Sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes long.

About Mechthild

I love hearing clients’ say: “Wow … that was amazing!” or “I feel whole again!” Together, we set goals and intentions to support your healing process. I use energy-based techniques in the treatments and teach you tools to take home.

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I was really amazed by the way Mechthild was able to hold the space for my body to release what needed to be released.

— E.T.

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