Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™

Mechthild Maczewski, CAIEHP, PhD.

About Mechthild

Hello, my name is Mechthild.

I came to Canada’s West Coast from Germany 30 years ago and very much enjoy living on beautiful Vancouver Island with my two children now young adults. My interests include the outdoors, coffee with friends, new ideas, yoga, travelling, playing balafon and spending time cold water ocean swimming!

My own journey into the healing professions began with working as a Registered Nurse in acute and extended care hospitals in Germany and Canada. It continued by working as a Child and Youth Care worker with children, youth and their families.  About a decade ago, I began looking into alternative approaches to health.  At that time, our family was challenged with terminal illness, depression, anxiety and grief and I was looking for more holistic approaches to health and healing.

Discovery of Energy Work

A massage therapist, who also treated me with Reiki (a form of energy work), introduced me to energy work. At that time, I didn’t understand at all what she was doing. However, my body vividly remembered feeling treated as a whole human being.  Something in that treatment felt like it was filling a gap in and for me. Being a curious person, I was intrigued and wanted to understand more.

Development of My Energy Healing Practice

I began taking energy healing workshops, including Pranic Healing and Medical Intuition. At the time, the idea that we have a human energy field around us and that we are connected to a quantum, universal energy field was astounding.  That this connection could assist us in healing, struck me as even more amazing!

For a more comprehensive, in-depth training, enrolment in the accredited Advanced Integrative Energy Healing program at Langara College in Vancouver followed in 2014. This program allowed for all of my personal and professional experiences to integrate.  It gave me an excellent education in energy healing and a solid foundation from which to support others.  Today, I am very happy and grateful to hold space for individuals to get in touch with their body and their sense of inner knowing of what is needed to move forward and promote healing.

Professional Qualifications

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Calming.  Soothing nervous system.  Reduction of anxiety between visits. I had an emotional “block” in my PTSD counselling, trying to work through a particular issue/trauma that was preverbal.  There was a noticeable shift in one session when we worked on this.  The memory/feelings came up without being overwhelming.  In the days after, I had a counselling appointment where I was able to work with this issue and make some big emotional shifts that have been sustained in subsequent weeks.

— D.H.

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