Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™

Mechthild Maczewski, CAIEHP, PhD.


What kind of conditions do you treat?

Most often, clients come into my practice with issues that are chronic and complex. For example, Chronic Pain, Post Traumatic Stress, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety, Depression or a feeling of ‘being stuck.”

Clients often come with emotions of frustration, isolation, pain and disconnection after many years of exploring the medical system, searching for diagnoses and relief.  Some people come, because they somehow “know” that this is where they need to be, even though not sure why.

AIEH is a whole person treatment approach that can be used to facilitate healing of many health issues, often complementary to other medical treatment methods, such as pain management, counselling or physiotherapy.

How can you support me?

I offer a supportive presence for you and facilitation of your health and healing work through energy-based processes. This usually includes

What are treatment benefits?

Clients generally leave a session with a deep sense of relaxation and centeredness. They frequently express a decrease in their pain and stress levels.

Deeper inner work can be facilitated in a series of sessions, after which many clients experience an increase in perceived quality of life.  For example, they feel lighter, less anxious, have an increased sense of hope and often report a more peaceful and renewed connection to their sense of core/authentic self.

In these sessions, layers of stuck energies are often released and your biofield becomes stronger, vibrant and more evenly balanced. As your energy field interacts with your physical body, a stronger energy field consequently supports the healing process of the physical body.

AIEH research has shown that many clients show longer lasting benefits when they engage in a series of 5-7 sessions.  This period of time allows for a deeper level of client-practitioner trust and for you to really integrate how to balance and sustain your body’s energetic field. On a mental and emotional level, this entails building resilience to handle difficult life situations more easily.

Energy healing is a complex intervention with the purpose of enhancing wholeness within the client. (Warber et al., 2015)

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on the condition you are seeking support for as well as your health goals. This can be discussed in your first visit.

Usually beneficial for chronic or complex conditions are the cumulative effects of several sessions at regular intervals. For specific goals, fewer sessions combined may suffice.

Resiliency is further enhanced, if a client engages in new self-regulatory practices at home, e.g. deep breathing, in the time between the treatments.  Just like physical muscles, energetic flows and shifts in mental, emotional patterns are strengthened more quickly with repetition and practice.

Where are the sessions?

Sessions are held in a professional home-based treatment room in Saanich/Gordon Head or in a clinic-based treatment room at the Horizons Holistic Health Clinic in the University Heights Shopping Centre.

What is AIEH in a nutshell?

AIEH is a gentle, holistic and empowering healing modality that uses the clients body-based (somatic) sensations and the practitioners’ sense of their human energy field as the foundation for treatments.

AIEHs’ goals are to restore balance and flow in the Biofield and to empower each individual client to be an active part in their healing process.  It does so by facilitating clients’ awareness of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy flows and by facilitating the clearing of any stuck or dense energies that may hinder energetic flow.

How is AIEH different from other energy healing modalities, such as Reiki?

AIEH is different from Reiki, as its practitioners receive a more in-depth education that includes trauma theory, body reading theory, communication skills as well as about 200 practice treatments.

What practical training do AIEH practitioners receive in the 2 year program?

About 200 treatments, 80 of those supervised.  The supervised treatments are completed in Vancouver clinics, such as Pacifica (Addictions Treatment Centre); VIHA Eating Disorder Clinic and St, Pauls Hospital.

As I live in Victoria, I completed my 8 week internship at the James Bay Community Health Co-op in Victoria, B.C. under the supervision of IEH practitioner Dacia Moss.

What are examples of theoretical underpinnings of AIEH work?

During the two year continuous studies program at Langara College, CAIEHP practitioners training includes the following theory:

For additional information please visit the website of Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioners.

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I feel much more centered in my body. Mechthild has a very strong care giving, as she was clearly able to take care of both of us in the session. It left me with a feeling of lightness, hopefulness and some things I can do to better take care of myself.

– A.C.

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