Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™

Mechthild Maczewski, CAIEHP, PhD.

Individual Sessions

All sessions are gentle, holistic and empowering.

What to expect during a session:

1. Goals & Intentions

At the beginning, we discuss your unique health goals and intentions for the session(s). I bring an authentic, compassionate and supportive presence to every energy session to create space for you.

2. Biofield Balancing

This is followed by a fully-clothed energetic table treatment (also possible in a chair), which entails: an assessment scan of your energy centres and biofield; the placing of hands on (or off) the body to facilitate healthy energy flow; and checking in with you during the treatment to ensure we are proceeding at your comfort level.

3. Debrief & Integration

Afterwards, we have time to debrief your experience. We finish our session with the teaching of resilience building and self-care tools that you can integrate into your daily life to assist in maintaining and expanding progress made within our sessions.

Session Rates & Packages

Single Session

  • Alignment of energy flow
  • Deep relaxation

60 minutes $80-$100
90 minutes $120-$140

Multiple Sessions

  • Deeper inner and body awareness work
  • Stronger support through more frequent energetic ‘tune-ups’

Save 10% on 3+ sessions. Choose 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Inner Align Package

  • Commitment to healing process by completing 7 x 90 minute sessions in 2-4 months
  • Ongoing support for integrating and sustaining treatment effects
  • Deeper and stronger connection to your inner core
  • More time for debriefing and teaching of self-regulation skills


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Calming.  Soothing nervous system.  Reduction of anxiety between visits. I had an emotional “block” in my PTSD counselling, trying to work through a particular issue/trauma that was preverbal.  There was a noticeable shift in one session when we worked on this.  The memory/feelings came up without being overwhelming.  In the days after, I had a counselling appointment where I was able to work with this issue and make some big emotional shifts that have been sustained in subsequent weeks.

— D.H.

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