Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™

Mechthild Maczewski, CAIEHP, PhD.

What is AIEH?

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ Program

Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ (AIEH) is an energy healing modality that has been taught for over 15 years at Langara College in Vancouver, B.C.  It is a 2 year Continuing Studies program with over 700 hours of training, including 200 treatments, 80 of which are supervised.

An 8 week internship is completed.  Supervised clinics are held at, for example, Pacifica (Addictions Treatment Centre), VIHA Eating Disorder Clinic and in St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

AIEH emphasizes integrative as it can be integrated together with other health treatments and practices. It is called advanced to identify recent content additions to the curriculum.

The approach brings together ancient Eastern teachings with contemporary Western science to balance and align the individual as a whole: emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically.

AIEH Concepts

The Human Energy Field or Biofield

The human energy field or biofield is a subtle, but measureable, electro-magnetic field that surrounds and interacts with the physical body. Its presence informs a number of other energy based healing modalities such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Healing Touch. AIEH theorizes that the biofield holds and patterns the consciousness of the whole organism including its physical, emotional, mental, transpersonal, and spiritual dimensions.

“From a biofield perspective, disease is an energetic disturbance in the biofield which chronically becomes manifest in the flesh and blood. (emphasis by mechthild) Early on, we can detect an energy disturbance in the biofield and even predict the possibility of illness, especially if that person continues on the same road to instill that same biofield pattern. With biofield science we may be able to detect disease before they manifest physically, so that we can shift the organism back to a new state of health and healing.” (Rubik, B., The science of energy healing, exact reference coming)

To read more about the human energy field.

Chakras & Biofields

The Energy Centres (Chakras)

“Think of each energy centre as an individual center of information.  Each has its own specific energy that carries a corresponding level of consciousness, its own emission of light expressing very specific information, or its own frequency carrying a certain message.  Each has its own individual glands, its own unique hormones, its own chemistry, and its own individual plexus of neurons.  Think of these individual clusters of neurological networks as mini-brains.” (Dispenza, 2017, p. 94)

HeartMath Institute: Magnetic Field of the Heart, Coherence and Incoherence

The heart has the most powerful magnetic field of the organs in the body. The graph below illustrates the HeartMath Institute’s research on the coherence of heart rate variability. When we practice heart-centered living and higher emotions such as gratitude and appreciation are felt, the heart rate variability is described and measured as coherent. When lower emotions such as fear or frustration are experienced, heart rate variability becomes incoherent. These signals are then transmitted throughout the body and can impact the development of cells in healthy or not so healthy ways.

“We could say that from an energetic level, all disease is a lowering of frequency and an incoherent message.” (Dispenza, 2017, p.103)

Reconnecting to Body Sensations

“Trauma makes people feel like either some body else, or like no body. In order to overcome trauma, you need help to get back in touch with your body, with your Self.” (The Body Keeps Score, Bessel van der Kolk, 2015, p.249)

Key AIEH Literature:

For additional information please visit the website of Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioners.

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