Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™

Mechthild Maczewski, CAIEHP, PhD.


I have been fortunate enough to know Mechthild over the last couple of decades. I have found her calmness and confidence have helped me with a great deal of uncertainty and self-doubt at the beginning of our sessions. I am grateful for our deep heart connection which allowed me to journey into my heart and soul looking for answers. During this Mechthild was able to calmly and professionally provide guidance.

— S.H.

Calming.  Soothing nervous system.  Reduction of anxiety between visits. I had an emotional “block” in my PTSD counselling, trying to work through a particular issue/trauma that was preverbal.  There was a noticeable shift in one session when we worked on this.  The memory/feelings came up without being overwhelming.  In the days after, I had a counselling appointment where I was able to work with this issue and make some big emotional shifts that have been sustained in subsequent weeks.

— D.H.

I noticed I was much more grounded, centered, aligned, which was just what I needed. I left feeling relaxed and much more at peace.

— M.M.

My first session with Mechthild was extraordinary. I felt a huge energy draining through my body, down to my feet, and flushing out of my two big toes.  After that, my body went into deep relaxation. At the end I felt grounded and regenerated.

— with gratitude, E.T.

When I first began treatment with Mechthild, two years ago, I was in the midst of a chronic pain episode and I was looking for anything to help relieve my suffering. I had been on heavy doses of narcotics and many types of treatments including weekly injections in my head and neck. I hoped there was something else to try because the medications were taking a toll on my body. I started seeing Mechthild and told her of my struggles. As I began the energy treatments, I started to experience a shift in the way I felt about my pain and realized that my pain is a part of me and I needed to figure out, deep inside, where from the pain was emanating and how I could manage the negative effects of the pain. It was empowering once I began that journey! With Mechthild’s help, I can honestly say that I have learned to live my life with a clearer mind and heart… and gut! I’m off of most of my medications and I haven’t had an injection for at least a year! Thanks Mechthild, you are a true healing spirit. (red heart shaped emoji)

– Toni K.

I was really amazed by the way Mechthild was able to hold the space for my body to release what needed to be released.

— E.T.

Mechthild was amazing.  Very calm, accepting, perceptive, respectful.

Very enlightening. A deeper connection to myself. I feel whole again.

– T.K.

I had not had an energy healing treatment in over a year and didn’t realize how much I missed it and how beneficial energy treatments are to my well-being.

— M.M.

Pleasant, gentle experience that is non-invasive. A very good professional experience I got out of this.

– L.C.

Excellent presence. Could feel heat, energy. Respectful of my requests, very kind. Session unfolded to give me healing & insight.

– R.B.

I feel much more centered in my body. Mechthild has a very strong care giving, as she was clearly able to take care of both of us in the session. It left me with a feeling of lightness, hopefulness and some things I can do to better take care of myself.

– A.C.